The cylinder head is a top cap that is put atop the cylinder block to shut the cylinder top. The apertures in the cylinder head allow air and fuel to enter the cylinder. They are more durable since they are composed of cast iron material, which protects against damage caused by overheating. 

The head must be strong enough to handle the pressures imposed on it without cracking or fracturing due to continually changing temperatures and high-pressure levels. It is a sophisticated and crucial element of the cylinder head and vehicle as a whole, therefore any problems that arise should be addressed as soon as feasible.

Some cylinder heads can develop cracks due to design flaws. But the problem usually stems from cylinder head overheating. When the cylinder head gets too hot, the cylinder head cracks as a result of thermal stress. Allowing your cylinder head to overheat even once can result in a cracked cylinder head. To minimize further damage to the car, you should treat a broken cylinder head as soon as possible.