The cylinder head is a sophisticated and crucial element of a vehicle as a whole, so if you spot any signs of damage to it you must address the problem and get it repaired as soon as possible. A damaged cylinder head usually exhibits the same symptoms as a blown head gasket. As a result, whenever you replace a head gasket, you should have a machine shop inspect the heads for cracks before reinstalling them. Mechanics use special devices and equipment for detecting cylinder head fractures that are usually not evident to the naked eye. 

If the cylinder head on your Chevy Impala is faulty, you can buy a used Chevy Impala cylinder head to replace it and get your vehicle back on the road. Several junkyards and dealers now have used cylinder heads for sale and buying one to replace your old cylinder head means that both the environment and your pocket will thank you. And if you can find a good used cylinder head, it will function as perfectly as a brand-new cylinder head at a fraction of the price.